The blind will see, the deaf will hear... but those who choose reason will never understand what lies behind the veil.
If the Angels spoke to you, would you know to listen? How would you know it is really an angel? God or Jesus? A voice inside of your head speaks - what will you do with the information?

Intra-  or Inter-dimensional beings... I have always heard them. I do not question their divinity. They are benevolent and have only provided information for my own personal discernment. I am a Catalyst.​​​
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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​WHAT IS MYSTIC WRITING?


Among the most easily recognized mystic communications are riddles, parables, fables… it is woven in symbols, dreams, allegory, apocrypha, metaphor and psycho-speak.

Mystic writers often speak of being in a trance, dream-state, altered-consciousness, or channeling god or other entities from beyond.

Within the context of their writing they are communicating some-thing other than what is read at the surface… there is the literal meaning; often misunderstood or not understood at all and there is the veiled meaning; often misunderstood or unnoticed.

Philosophers, in an attempt to make the deeper meaning more esoteric, use words to paint mental pictures to aid in communicating the basic underlying message, often lost in its complexities.

Scientists use symbols and codifications thinking this will help the layman to understand science at a more basic level. However, one must first come to understand the symbols and codes in order to understand the message and one cancels out the other.

The Bible is one of the greatest books of mystic writings ever written. It is filled with information that some take as absolutely literal and others struggle to understand over the ages but totally miss the intended meaning by over-thinking it and thus, misinterpreting the context completely.

So, why have these writers throughout history used such obscure methods to say some-thing that should be easy to say?

Ø For ages, people who spoke in opposition to the laws of man and of gods were persecuted.

Ø To speak about the ethereal world or to acknowledge communication with entities outside of our world would usually lead to being labeled insane and at times, could actually get one 'institutionalized'.

Ø To speak or write about anything not in the flow of mainstream thinking would discredit anything and every-thing else one might say or write.

Ø Handing off enlightened knowledge to those who may misinterpret and/or misuse the information could lead to unfavorable consequences.

Ø Mystic writing or speaking is meant for those who are able to understand – there are many fables told to children that still have to be retold or explained in order for them to understand the underlying message.

(Jesus said to his apostles that he would reveal the meaning of his parables in private, for the common man was not able to comprehend the meaning.)

Ø Given that life is a journey of discoveries, if all lessons were given and understood at the onset of life, there would be no purpose to the living.

In the story, THE WIZARD OF OZ, Dorothy does not find out that she possessed the power all along to get herself home. She had lessons to learn first before she could fully understand the magic that lay within her.

So, why would anyone choose to write mystically? Or should it be asked: how does the mysticism find the author?

It is written that many prophets, seers, gifted ones… fight their destiny with illumination and the weight of delivering the light to others. However, the knowing cannot be unlearned or put aside as if it never was. Once the know-ing is recognized the enlightened one has a responsibility to cast that light unto others, though there are no rules on how this is to be done!

Therein is your answer.

Epiphanies occur every day.

Revelations are presented to us all the time.

But, only those who are able to understand them as such will be burdened with the passing on of the message.

Those who receive the messages from "out there" don't always know from whom they are receiving their messages… or that they are even receiving a message at all.

Many writers throughout history have indeed found themselves helpless to the labels of insanity bestowed upon them by others and often come to believe it of themselves. I often wonder if the likes of Virginia Wolff, Edgar Allen Poe, or Emily Dickensen would be considered mentally incompetent by today's standards.

It would be so easy to leave you with a simple definition of mystic writing (Mystic Verse:

The knowledge it imparts is wrapped in verse that takes some consideration to understand. There is the verse - the rhyme - and beneath that is a rhythm - and beneath that – many detours to various meanings that one can apply to their own circumstances. From

The simple definitions offered create a more obscure understanding of mystic writing and leaves many frustrated with the limitations of language. The best I can offer you is this: Language itself limits us from being able to fully express what we experience and what we intuit. We are forced by these limitations to use words creatively to give our reader insights that are otherwise lost in common usage. Writers, in and of themselves, are painting pictures, providing backdrops with sound, taste, texture and feeling – but the mystic writer is taking you behind the veil to a place where the senses have no power and hard reality does not exist.

And in addition, mystic writers are translating from a language unknown to man, a language spoken to them by entities that exist in another time and space that is not in sync with our mortal occupation in the here and now. Mystic writers themselves are as perplexed about their relationship with, or connection to, the ethereal - and the text that reveals itself is as surreal as you are.

​I AM A MYSTIC - I WRITE WITH THE INSPIRATION AND LANGUAGE OF MY OTHERES (INTRA-DIMENSIONAL BEINGS) - I am also a Synesthete and Clairvoyant (Clairaudient and Clairsentient)

​​ I am M.Teresa Clayton