​​​​M. Teresa Clayton is a noted author/poet/lyricist whose books include a variety of genres and writing styles. Among those which have been received with much acclaim are, Mystic Verses, Storyteller (nine shorts of speculative fiction), Judith (Novella - horror), Sharim - a narrative biography of Gabriela Garza Padilla, and The Garden of Secret Wishes (Children's).

This author was born on February 2, 1956 in Savannah Georgia and raised in Florissant, Missouri after her father took a job as an Engineer at McDonnell Douglas. She attended school in the Hazelwood District and graduated with a B.A. in Sociology from the University of Missouri, St. Louis.

"I don't ever remember a time when I wasn't writing. It seems that the gift of verse and storytelling was with me at birth." - interview with A. Diamonde, The Charon Chronicles.

According to the interview with Mr. Diamonde, Ms. Clayton revealed other remarkable gifts she has always been aware of. One of which is her OTHERES, a group of intra-dimensional beings that guide her, protect her and use her as a catalyst to communicate through verse [mystic verse].

She is a Mystic, clairaudient and clairsentient, and has a remarkable gift called Synaesthesia (She can see music, observe time in a three-dimensional continuum, among other cross-types.). As remarkable as all of this may be, she is humble and spends much of her time helping others to publish their own books, teaching meditation and metaphysics, and offering guidance to those who struggle with life.

"I was always aware; always retained a portion of knowing from birth. It is my honor and my responsibility to share what I know with those who are open to receiving it. There is more to life than what our five senses tell us. As a matter of fact, we are grossly limited by our senses. Just think, an eagle can see the whiskers moving on a rat several miles overhead before swooping down to collect its prize. An elephant can hear the lower frequencies, and dogs the higher frequencies, that our ears cannot. All creatures of the sea have the ability to sense the vibration of a quake or disturbance within the earth's crust. A lion can smell a kill from several miles away.

Man is arrogant in his belief that he is somehow superior to all other life forms, including those out there in the universe and those that reside inside of us." - The Charon Chronicles

Ms. Clayton was recently featured at the Dreams and Divinities Show (a collection of art by contemporary visionary artists of today, including, but not limited to, Andrew Gonzales, Gabriela Garza Padilla, Don Farrell, Dennis Potokar, Liba Stambollion, Peter Gric, Steven Kenney, Thomaz Kopera, Carrie Ann Baade and Otto Rapp). The show opened on the Vernal Equinox, 2014 in San Cristobal, Las Chiapas Mexico. Ms. Clayton was the only non-visual artist invited to recite her mystic verse and to give a lecture on Mystic Writing and Visionary Written Arts. [see http://www.visionaryartexhibition.com/dreams-and-divinities-mexico.html]

During my discussion with Ms. Clayton, I asked her about the title used by so many of her fans and followers - THE MYSTRESS. She explained that she began blogging and using social media in 1999. Her writings found an audience on MySpace and kept her in the top ten bloggers there for over three years. As people came to know her more intimately, they discovered her connection with Mysticism and the source of many of her strange, yet prophetic, writing; The Otheres. Someone began referring to her online as the Mystress and it caught on. She is still referred to in this way by many who follow her writings.

I watched her Facebook page for a month and was touched by the loving tributes left on her timeline by her fans, followers and friends. Her presence is strong and her gifts even stronger. She has the loyalty and devotion of many and they, in turn, have hers.

As recent as March 1, 2015 - Judith (published in 2012) made it to the number one spot in Lulu's top 100 in the genre of horror. This was fresh on the heels of the debut of the revised and expanded version of MYSTIC VERSES, which is doing very well with such a limited demographic (poetry and mysticism).

She is currently working to assist 10 new writers with their books, "paying it forward", as well as preparing for the debut of Gabriela Garza Padilla's biography later this year at the Ammon Ra Art Gallery in Monterrey, Mexico. In addition to this, she is putting together two books - My Name is Metaphor (prose and shorts) and Mother of Murders (dark poetry). - William H. Avery

I am a poet, an author, a biographer, a lyricist and a Mystic (among many other epithets that would further define me.)

You are welcome here and you do not have to do anything or possess anything special to belong here. This site is my gift to you. As you begin to pull off the bow and untie the ribbon (always red), you will find yourself holding this metaphorical package and it must be unwrapped before you can see what is inside.

This present is magical. It is unlike any present you have received for your birthday or on any special occasion. The present is wrapped in layers and you will find yourself unwrapping one layer after the other to get to the presence. (See how I changed the spelling? It changes the meaning and makes the discovery all the more splendid!)

Nothing here is as it seems. Nothing is clearly apparent. Nothing is simple or obvious in comprehension. What we have here is a puzzle, a riddle - and when you find you have understanding, the next layer will confound you again.

Why? because you want the presence and those presence can be found if you take the time and don’t give up.

I will help you. You may ask as many questions as you’d like. . . I'm on Google+, Facebook, Linkedin, etc. and you may always write me at mysticverses@yahoo.com

​Truth - isn’t that the hardest part of this quest? What is the truth?

Let’s find out... shall we?


Do not listen to the voice that shouts at you from behind desks, behind podiums, behind alters... do not pay attention to the orators and the opportunists. Do not be distracted by the promises made behind masks.

Listen to the quiet. Listen to the whispers, as they gently guide you through the assaults of man's absurdities. Listen to the gentle breathing of your mother and lay your head to rest in her peace and in her warm loving embrace.

Understand that truth and power within you. Breathe silence. Breathe the 'knowing'.

-M Teresa Clayton

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